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Student life in Software Testing Edu

Student life in software testing education typically involves a combination of theoretical learning and hands-on practical experience. Here’s what it often looks like:

Classroom Instruction

We teach from the scratch. Students learn the fundamental principles, concepts, and methodologies of software testing in classroom settings. This may include lectures, discussions, presentations, and workshops led by experienced instructors.

Live-project Practise Sessions

Hands-on lab sessions allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. They get the opportunity to work with testing tools, write test cases, execute tests, and analyze results under the guidance of instructors.

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews helps students to clear their doubts and get real-time interview experience in the interview panel.


Our education programs offer internships or cooperative education opportunities with industry partners.


We are ITB Affiliated, ISTQB ACCREDITED & SCRUM Study Authorized Partners.


What Our Students Say

Our students always say thanks to us because we helped to build their career and have provided the right direction for their career growth. That's why our students are always happy with us.


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